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My Story & Mission

Currently also serving at WBM Technologies, I have forged a remarkable career journey within the realms of Service Desk and Service Management. Rooted in Mechanical Engineering, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table as a certified HDI Operations Manager, integral to my company's transformational HDI journey since inception. With a rich background encompassing diverse industries and roles, I have honed in problem-solving acumen and innovative thinking, catalyzing a culture of growth and cultivating leaders who have soared in their respective domains. Now as a Maxwell Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, my profound passion lies in guiding individuals and organizations toward the pursuit of excellence.  


Armed with exclusive insights from John Maxwell's wisdom and mentorship, I specialize in unraveling the intricacies of personality and communication dynamics, enabling the discovery of strengths, fostering cohesive teams, and adeptly managing conflicts. Hailed by my peers as an individual of unwavering integrity, unyielding determination, resourcefulness, and astute cleverness, I am dedicated to being by your side, with you, and for you on this transformative journey.​

As a Maxwell DISC Consultant, I specialize in personality and communication dynamics, helping you discover strengths, foster collaborative relationships, build cohesive teams, and manage conflicts effectively. Your growth journey, whether personal or organizational, is my mission. John Maxwell's words resonate: "Growth is intentional," and I'm here to guide you with intentionality. 


My commitment lies in aiding you to embark on a growth journey that not only enriches your life but also empowers you to be a source of enrichment for others. Together, we can ignite the flames of inspiration and light the way for a brighter future.

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